Determining the Right Table Size for Your Space

Rules for determining proper dimensions for dining room tables & more.

We get asked all the time about table sizing - will this make my dining room look empty? How many people will comfortably fit around the table? A table size should be scaled proportionally to your space. This leaves room for pulling out chairs and walking around the table to avoid scratching walls. Included here are a few key tips for determining the right size table for your space.

Step 1: Measure Your Space

We recommend at least 36 inches between the edge of your table and the surrounding walls or any other furniture. This ensures that there’s enough room for a person to comfortably walk by the table, or behind the table to be seated. So measure your space to see how much room is left once you take 36 inches from all walls and surrounding furniture.

Step 2: Width of Table

Dining tables can range anywhere from 30” to over 50” wide. Most tables are made with a width ranging from 36” to 45” - this leaves room to place large platters, bowls or center pieces along the center. For smaller rooms, 30 inches is the bare minimum depth you need to ensure there’s enough space to sit people on both sides of the table. Where space isn’t a constraint, increasing the width beyond 45” is ok for longer tables, seven or eight feet and longer.

Step 3: Width of Place Setting

The question we hear more than any other is how many chairs will fit around the table. As a general guideline you should allow no less than 24 inches for each person at a table. Depending on your space and table size, that measurement can vary, but don’t go too far below 24 inches. Keep this in mind when you are selecting a table for your space to determine how many people you would like to sit.

All Stockton Heritage tables are fully customizable, so we can craft your table to fit the needs of your space. Reference the sizing chart below to help determine the right table size for your set up. Then - explore our selection of beautiful custom live edge dining tables!